Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 17:02 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 17:02 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Gillard in New Zealand

2 March 2011 15:28

Trevor Harrison responds to Sam's post calling for comments about Prime Minister Gillard's recent visit to New Zealand:

A belated response...I've been in NZ the past two weeks, and yes, I was in Chch at the time of the quake. Now back on solid ground.

I think the NZ visit by Gillard was more about the PM herself than anything to do with the 'over the ditch' relationship. NZ provided a safe opportunity for Gillard to get some international experience, reveal to the Australian electorate she can perform overseas, and generally to be seen in a traditional PM role rather than the temporary and questionable manner the media (especially conservative) has been presenting her.

Incidentally, she received favourable reviews in the NZ media for her statement delivery and response to the quake, even from the conservative Jones-jock equivalent on NZ radio.