Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 01:05 | SYDNEY
Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 01:05 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: GG trip to Africa a concern

11 March 2009 08:50

Alistair writes in with this reply to our thread on the Governor-General:

Mr Bowtell is as disingenuous as those he complains of in their criticism of the Governor-General. He betrays his own prejudices in depicting critics as 'rabid' and as 'poodles'.  In short, he professes disdain and contempt for those — not just 'neo-cons' — concerned about the Rudd government’s use of the Governor-General. Moreover, he suggests that because of the vice-regal nature of the role, the Government either cannot or should not respond!

To suggest that the Government has sent the Governor-General to Africa 'for the general cause of progress and peaceful development' does nothing more than insult the reader. And to blithely assert that the GG and the Government, and with them the Australia public, are perched upon the same 'caravan' and therefore somehow immune from criticism borders on the ridiculous.