Wednesday 22 Aug 2018 | 09:30 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 22 Aug 2018 | 09:30 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: The Fiji dilemma

15 June 2011 08:41

J Ant responds to Graeme Dobell's series on Fiji:

If the Fiji government is increasing its militarization of the state then it might be better for the Australian government to actually reverse itself and move away from the current government. Military dominated governments seem to be rather fragile and overly reliant on force to remain in power. Of course it's impossible to predict when a military state (as with all authoritarian states) will fall but once the process starts they seem to do so with surprising speed.

Dan Slater in his book 'Ordering Power' makes a convincing argument for the weakness of militarized states, I think.