Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 03:10 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 03:10 | SYDNEY

Reader Riposte: Fiji and the e-rebellion


Fergus Hanson


12 May 2008 09:57

Tui writes in with this comment on our Fiji debate:

One inadvertent result of the Bainimarama coup which will be its undoing, is the creation of various blog sites set up by professional Fijians like Soli Vakasama, which in Fijian means ‘let’s discuss’ and at the moment currently enjoys the most popular status having received over 370,000 hits.

There are other blog sites such as Kutusebeneivore, Why Fiji is Crying, Hearts and Minds, Hyde n ceek, Fiji Democracy Now, Discombobulated Bubu, Fiji Silenced and Sai Lelea, which are irrefutable signs of professional Fijians standing up to the illegal government and criticising them on issues and facts, which were non existent during the previous coups.

I support general elections to be held in 2009 and it seems inevitable the SDL will be re-elected with an even larger Fijian vote.

It also seems highly probable that the National Federation Party (NFP) will make great inroads into the Indian vote and the biggest loser with be the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), however I disagree with Sanjay Ramesh’s conclusion that it will lead to an ‘even more violent outcome’.

Electoral reform can be carried out during parliamentary debates, but I maintain that the only guarantee to total eradication of the coup culture in Fiji is to hold people accountable for their actions and allow the law to bring them to justice.