Friday 08 Oct 2021 | 01:51 | SYDNEY
Friday 08 Oct 2021 | 01:51 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Clickable Russia


Sam Roggeveen


5 March 2010 09:21

Andrew R. responds to one reader's call for online Russia resources:

By far the most entertaining (if sometimes frightening, and always frothing at the mouth) Russia blog is La Russophobe.

And on Russia, have you guys seen this preview for the new Russia-Georgia war movie? Heart-pounding and over-the-top violent stuff. From the director of Die Hard II and Cliffhanger no less! The opening montage of heroic Georgian soldiers rescuing journalists from Iraqi insurgents and the resultant slow-mo car explosion really sets the tone here. I should hope that with the star-power derived from Andy Garcia, Dean Cain, and Val Kilmer this will be no straight-to-DVD affair. Surely one for the big screen.

Andrew, thanks for the blog link, but seriously, did you just put 'Dean Cain' and 'star power' in the same sentence? I've watched the trailer (be warned, it is ridiculously violent) and I confidently predict that 'Georgia' will be savaged by critics and ignored by the public. It looks dreadful.

Still, nice to see (in the final shot) that director Renny Harlin faithfully observes the Hollywood convention that Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions: