Tuesday 05 Jul 2022 | 07:13 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 05 Jul 2022 | 07:13 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Angkor why?

27 March 2012 15:59

James writes:

The piece on Angkor Wat and Bob Carr's recent donation of taxpayer money raised my interest, as someone with many years experience in this country.

The Angkor temples ticket operation is run by a private businessman with close links to the ruling party. Over 2 million visitors pay at least $20 each (tickets are $20 per day or $40 for 3 days) to visit the temples each year. That's somewhere north of $40 million each year, most of which should be allocated to the preservation and restoration of the temple complex (less administration and management fee).

What exactly is $1 million supposed to do when there is around 40 times that raised at the front gate already each year?

We would be better off not contributing to the system that allows for corruption and theft of large amounts of this revenue by those who sell the tickets, as explained by Eric Campbell of Foreign Correspondent in 2008.