Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 07:31 | SYDNEY
Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 07:31 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: The all-purpose camel


Sam Roggeveen


9 May 2008 11:43

Peter from Illinois writes about my camel export post:

Egad, sir. An undervalued resource, useable for meat and dairy, wool and fertilizer. Properly bred in Australia they might be domesticated for plowing. Gourmet restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne might feature them as a change of pace. At the race track they probably run faster than some of the nags I have wagered on.

Without wanting to sound too defensive, Peter, Australia did move beyond plowing with beasts of burden some time ago. And horrifying as it always seems to foreigners, many Australians (and their pets) enjoy kangaroo meat rather than camel.

UPDATE: Drastic action needed to cut feral camel numbers.