Saturday 28 May 2022 | 19:48 | SYDNEY
Saturday 28 May 2022 | 19:48 | SYDNEY

Praise for The Interpreter


Sam Roggeveen


21 January 2011 15:21

It was humbling to discover this morning that Nitin Pai, founder of Pragati magazine, has nominated The Interpreter as his favourite blog.

Nitin Pai is one of India's most active young bloggers and strategic commentators, and a policy entrepreneur. As well as running Pragati, Nitin and his colleagues have recently established the Takshashila Institution, an innovative virtual think tank on Indian external policy. Their work shows that a new generation of Indian policy thinkers can succeed outside the confines of government, academia or traditional media.

We're grateful for the endorsement, and encourage all our readers to check out Pragati and its associated blogs.