Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 07:39 | SYDNEY
Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 07:39 | SYDNEY

Poll: China loves Australia


Fergus Hanson


23 July 2008 14:49

Pew has just released an interesting poll on China. It shows some striking results: 86 per cent of Chinese people are satisfied with their country's direction and 82 per cent think the current economic situation is good. The poll also reveals the Chinese have a fairly good opinion of themselves. Seventy-seven per cent think China is liked by people in other countries and 83 per cent think China considers other countries interests in carrying out its foreign policy (an average of 30 per cent of people from 23 other countries think China considers their interests in conducting its foreign policy). Fifty-eight per cent of Chinese believe China has or will overtake the US as the leading superpower.

The poll also had some interesting news about Chinese perceptions of Australia. In an open-ended question, Australia received the top ranking (22 per cent) of countries Chinese people would recommend a young person move to if they wanted 'to go to lead a good life'.  Canada (17 per cent) and the United States (15 per cent) , France, Britain, Japan and Germany came next: all Western powers.

Olympic expectations were stratospheric. Ninety-six per cent of Chinese believe the Beijing Olympics will be successful, 93 per cent think it will help China's image and 79 per cent find it important personally.

But the poll was not all good news for the authoritarian government. It revealed high levels of concern over rising prices (72 per cent saying this was a 'very big' problem). Corruption and the rich/poor gap also ranked high. While 80 per cent said protecting the environment should be a priority.