Wednesday 20 Oct 2021 | 09:38 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 20 Oct 2021 | 09:38 | SYDNEY

Political nutters I have known


Sam Roggeveen


22 March 2010 16:48

'Carlton's lone classical liberal', Andrew Norton, posts a photo of an anti-American banner he spotted in Hong Kong ('American Secret Agents Use Wireless Mind Control Weapon Block Hong Kong media from Probing the Truth!') and wonders why political nutters seem to have such a fondness for underlining.

I can't answer that, but it does remind me of my own close call with a nutter last week. It may not absolutely shock you to your core to learn that this particular nutter was a taxi driver.

First, he spotted signs of the devil's number in a '3 Mobile' logo (I'll spare you the details). Then, as we passed a shopfront in the Rocks area decorated with birdcages, he pointed to it and told me this was the future of mankind.

To top it off, when we pulled over outside a hotel near the Harbour Bridge, he pointed to the small domed brick structure you see in the background of the photo above (just to the left of the parked motorbike) and told me it was actually a missile silo.

As I walked to my appointment I wondered whether the guy had a blog. If he does, I’ll bet it's full of underlines.

Photo by Flickr user TCL 1961, used under a Creative Commons license.