Sunday 25 Sep 2022 | 23:38 | SYDNEY
Sunday 25 Sep 2022 | 23:38 | SYDNEY

The PLA\ stealth symbolism


Sam Roggeveen


12 January 2011 15:18

Following up Rory's remarks, here's an interesting detail from Reuters' coverage of US Defense Secretary Gates' meeting with Chinese leader Hu Jintao:

A Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mr Hu and other civilian leaders at the meeting with Mr Gates did not appear aware that the J-20 test-flight had happened before the US side pressed them about it.

"When Secretary Gates raised the question of the J-20 test in the meeting with President Hu, it was clear that none of the civilians in the room had been informed," the official told reporters.

It's like deja vu all over again. When the PLA shot down one of its own satellites in 2007, one of the main talking points was just how long it took Beijing to respond to international alarm about the test. It gave the impression that the Communist Party and central government were not totally in sync with the PLA. It now looks like that may still be the case.

Oh, and just to compound the symbolism of yesterday's maiden flight, guess what date the anti-satellite test took place' 11 January 2007.