Saturday 21 Jul 2018 | 19:34 | SYDNEY
Saturday 21 Jul 2018 | 19:34 | SYDNEY

Pirate patrol footage


Sam Roggeveen


4 May 2010 15:34

Here's some cool 'helmet cam' footage of the German Freighter Taipan being freed from Somali pirates by a team from the Dutch destroyer Tromp. Below is my quick-and-dirty translation of the Dutch narration, which is provided by the commander of the boarding party, who is also carrying the camera (thanks to Dan for the link):

  • 0.24: There are 10 pirates on board, with 15 crew who are safe in a room below decks.
  • 0.35: A fast rope line is being dropped from the helicopter while I provide covering fire so that the pirates can't fire at us.
  • 1.05: Now we provide covering fire from on top of the containers, for the crew who still need to slide down the rope to come on board.
  • 1.32: We then move to the back of the ship to the bridge, to free the ship.
  • 2.00: We first find six pirates below decks, who come out through the broken window and are handcuffed.
  • 2.26: Then on the rear deck, we hear voices and two more pirates emerge unarmed, who we also handcuff.
  • 2.52: At this point another pirate comes down the stairs with arms raised. We handcuff him and at this point we have ten pirates. (Ed note: I count only nine...)
  • 3.18: After securing the bridge we go the accommodation area to look for more pirates.
  • 3.40: They had wrecked the accommodation areas: laptops on the ground, doors kicked in, doors with bullet holes.
  • 4.00: They were well armed with RPG7s (rocket launchers) AK47 rifles and handguns, which they had just dumped on the ground.
  • 4.10: The German captain decided to open the door, and came outside with his crew, who were very relieved. They assembled at the back of the ship; we explained what we had done and received a round of applause. They were pleased to see us.