Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 | 01:28 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 | 01:28 | SYDNEY

Oz sighting in Arizona: Goldwater Castle


Sam Roggeveen


6 April 2011 09:34

Today I paid a visit to a free market/limited government think tank here in Phoenix called the Goldwater Institute. One of the most interesting and hopeful things I learned there is that the Goldwater Institute has a full-time investigative journalist on staff

As I've learned from a number of people here in Phoenix, the local media industry is going through the same kind of consolidation that is happening in Australia. It's a familiar story — as ad revenues decline, media companies cut back on journalists; the ones who are left have to provide more content on more platforms, and have no time to do investigative work that could take months to bear fruit. That a think tank is trying to fill this space is a good sign.

On to our Oz sighting (previous sightings of Australiana during my US visit herehere and here). One of the scholars at the Goldwater Institute asked me if I was familiar with the Australian movie 'The Castle', a question that took me a little off guard, since it seemed so incongruent with the setting.

But it was soon explained to me that this film is a real favourite around the Goldwater Institute, and is in fact screened for every new intern, because it offers such a powerful message about private property rights.