Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 16:01 | SYDNEY
Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 16:01 | SYDNEY

Our literary shame


Sam Roggeveen


1 August 2008 13:23

In the spirit of this competition, I surveyed my colleagues to ask them to nominate the most important book in their area of expertise that they had NOT read. Some results:

  • Anthony Bubalo (West Asia Program Director): The Bible
  • Malcolm Cook (East Asia Program Director): Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith); Das Kapital (Karl Marx).
  • Rodger Shanahan (Army Fellow; Middle East specialist): Seven Pillars of Wisdom (TE Lawrence); Winter in Arabia (Freya Stark)
  • Mark O'Neill (Army Fellow; counterinsurgency specialist): On War (Carl von Clausewitz)
  • Michael Fullilove (Global Issues Program Director): The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edward Gibbon).
  • Sam Roggeveen (Blog editor): The Prince (Nicolo Machiaveli)