Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 08:38 | SYDNEY
Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 08:38 | SYDNEY

Our 'Asian Century' feature


Sam Roggeveen


27 March 2012 10:24

Yesterday Michael Wesley launched our new feature on the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. A few things to note before we begin that discussion in earnest.

First, as Michael said, we're grateful for the Australian Government's financial support for this initiative, but the Lowy Institute retains full editorial control of everything posted in this series, and publication should not be taken as an endorsement by the Australian Government.

It's also worth mentioning that the debate on the White Paper actually started on this blog some months ago. And one of the hot topics raised in submissions to the White Paper team, Asian literacy, is another theme we explored here in detail last year.

Lastly, a word on how we intend to stage this discussion. The Interpreter works best when it generates debate on specific topics, with authors and readers addressing each others' arguments directly. There's little to be gained from asking contributors to submit articles about 'Asia' or even 'Australia's place in Asia', because they just end up talking past each other.

So we'll be quite specific in tackling topics, and we'll start on an issue that ought to be central to the White Paper team's deliberations: Australia's relations with Indonesia. Today and tomorrow we'll carry some commentary on the Lowy Institute's latest Indonesia poll, which should generate a broader discussion about where this most vital relationship needs to go.

Photo by Flickr user tripletrouble.