Saturday 02 Jul 2022 | 19:01 | SYDNEY
Saturday 02 Jul 2022 | 19:01 | SYDNEY

One last spin on the presidential campaign bus with James Fallows


Stephanie Dunstan


22 October 2012 08:53

Ahead of the final presidential debate today, it's worth revisiting the humorous and insightful comments made by James Fallows when he visited us at the Lowy Institute in September.

James, who is national correspondent for The Atlantic and a former presidential speechwriter, spoke to blog editor Sam Roggeveen nominally about Political Media: Old and New, but during the discussion he touched on a much wider range of subjects. As well as analysing the evolution of media and its impact on political discourse, in the US and China, Fallows talked about his experiences on the Romney campaign bus and living in China, as well as observing the racial element to the 2012 presidential race. 

Photo by Anthony Anderton.