Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 20:52 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 20:52 | SYDNEY

Obama: 'That one'


Sam Roggeveen


8 October 2008 14:53

I'm afraid I only caught part of the debate, so I won't comment in detail (if you want more blog reactions, Andrew Sullivan has a round-up here, though it's heavily tilted toward pro-Obama opinion).

I did witness this little moment from McCain (see video below), in which he calls Obama 'that one'. The developing wisdom is that it encapsulates the frustration McCain is feeling at losing to someone he thinks is unprepared and perhaps even unworthy of the office of president. Call me crazy, but I thought it was almost affectionate.

UPDATE: John Dickerson at Slate explains it better:

There is already a lot of talk in the blogosphere about McCain's referring to Obama as "that one." The Obama campaign was pushing the idea that it was proof McCain was a man of bitter moods. I didn't see it as a major act of disrespect, but it did feel antiquated. I have relatives—older relatives—who use this expression. My mother's version of it was to call someone "himself." (As in, "I'm glad himself has decided to join us for dinner.") McCain has 27 days to find a better way to take on his opponent or he'll be calling him Mr. President.