Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 | 05:55 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 | 05:55 | SYDNEY



Michael Fullilove


23 June 2008 14:13

Barack Obama certainly has the wind at his back at the moment: huge buckets of campaign funds, two books on The New York Times Bestseller List and a phenomenal amount of buzz. By contrast, the McCain campaign is generating more and more articles like this one in Sunday's Washington Post, in which Republicans question the sagacity of the candidate and his team. The article ends with this chilling quote from a McCain supporter in Congress (one who is, like a number of Republicans who have sniffed the wind, retiring at the next election): 'This still has a long way to go. People forget that.' Given that the general election season has only just started, it must concern McCain that his partisans feel the need to point out that all is not yet lost.

Obama is proving himself to be a very agile campaigner, a topic on which I'll blog more soon. But just to prove his campaign is fallible, check out this faux-presidential seal he stood behind the other day (presented here side-by-side with the real POTUS seal).  It strikes me as wrong on two levels: first, it makes him look presumptuous; second, the Obama symbol on the eagle's chest and the Latin motto (vero possumus or 'yes we can') gives the distinct impression his team doesn't take the symbols of the US government seriously. Perhaps this would be a cool prop in a student revue, but it's the kind of thing a presidential frontrunner can do without.