Saturday 23 Oct 2021 | 07:53 | SYDNEY
Saturday 23 Oct 2021 | 07:53 | SYDNEY

Obama Indonesian TV interview


Sam Roggeveen


24 March 2010 07:36

Presumably this interview was arranged prior to the delay of his visit, and Obama basically uses the occasion to announce that he will be coming in June instead. Still, tell me Indonesians wouldn't be eating this up with a spoon:

The more substantive parts of the interview are here and here. There isn't much news in it, though Obama's affection for Indonesia is clear, and his command of Bahasa seams pretty reasonable, given he admits to getting no practice. Also, Prime Minister Rudd would be pleased to again hear Obama talk about the G20 replacing the G8 as the premier global economic forum. (H/t Sullivan.)