Thursday 20 Sep 2018 | 14:55 | SYDNEY
Thursday 20 Sep 2018 | 14:55 | SYDNEY

New York notes II


Sam Roggeveen


16 April 2009 15:35

There are placards up around the World Trade Center site boasting that building works have now reached above ground level. That seems a remarkably feeble boast, given seven and-a-half years have passed since the twin towers came down.

The place still looks mostly like a giant hole in the ground. And according to today's NY Times, construction may not finish until 2030. The financial crisis has sapped demand for office space, so there is talk of delaying construction of the second and third towers.
The small, temporary 9/11 memorial across the road from ground zero was busy with tourists, but I did not see the infamous 9/11 'truthers', the conspiracy theorists who, I had heard, haunt the site. Perhaps they were turned off by the grim weather.