Thursday 18 Jul 2019 | 16:53 | SYDNEY
Thursday 18 Jul 2019 | 16:53 | SYDNEY

The new space race


Mark Thirlwell

27 April 2010 11:02

The clip Sam posted last week on India's space program brings to mind two pieces by Bruce Sterling for Wired a few years back. The first looked at the possibility of India and China re-running the US-Russia space race. The closing para suggested one kind of answer to the 'value for money' question posed in the clip:

...imagine this scenario: It's 2029, and a lunar mission lands at Tranquility Base. A crew of heroic young Indians - or Chinese - quietly folds and puts away America's 60-year-old flag. If the world saw that on television, wouldn't the gesture be worth tens of billions of rupees or yuan? Of course it would.

The second article provided a somewhat different take on the same subject.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.