Sunday 25 Sep 2022 | 21:04 | SYDNEY
Sunday 25 Sep 2022 | 21:04 | SYDNEY

New paper launch


Stephanie Dunstan


5 October 2012 15:22

On Tuesday 9 October, the Lowy Institute's Executive Director, Dr Michael Fullilove, will launch his new paper, The Audacity of Reasonableness, which compares the foreign policies of US President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney.

Michael's argument is that when it comes to foreign policy, the similarities between President Obama and Governor Romney are more striking than the differences.

Tickets to the launch event are available on the Lowy Institute's website.

Visit our Facebook page and tell us what question you'd like to ask Michael. The author of most interesting question posted by Monday will score two free tickets to the event.

Even if you can’t make it to the event, write your questions on our Facebook wall and we will ask them for you during the Q&A session after Michael's speech. 

Photo by Flickr user Cain and Todd Benson