Tuesday 24 May 2022 | 12:16 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 24 May 2022 | 12:16 | SYDNEY

New buttons on The Interpreter


Sam Roggeveen


20 September 2011 15:15

We've added new sharing options at the bottom right-hand corner of each post (hit 'refresh' on your browser if you don't see it or it looks wrong).

We've replaced the old 'Share' button, which was a bit of a social media catch-all that barely anyone used. The new options let you pass on Interpreter content to friends and colleagues with one click via Twitter, Facebook and the new Google Plus. As before, you can also print or email Interpreter content via the buttons on the bottom left.

We hope these options make it easier for you to pass around posts that catch your fancy.

Photo by Flickr user Scott O'Dell.