Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 06:47 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 06:47 | SYDNEY

My blogs of the year


Sam Roggeveen


20 December 2010 14:47

As with last year, I present this list not as my all-time favourites, but as a short commentary on the best blogs I have discovered this year. I see dozens of new blogs each month, but very few become permanent additions to my reading list. These are the ones that have stuck in 2010:

  • The Melbourne Urbanist: Not at all a foreign policy blog, but the themes Alan Davies discusses — infrastructure, planning, population, employment, housing — are universal. Given the pace of urbanisation around the world, The Melbourne Urbanist is really a global blog that just looks local. While never doctrinaire, TMU has a nicely contrarian spirit to it, questioning some accepted wisdom about public transport and urban sprawl. 
  • Nick Bryant: The BBC's Sydney correspondent uses his blog to explain Australia to his non-Australian audience. Sympathetic, but with a very sharp eye for Australian foibles and weaknesses.
  • 3 Quarks Daily: This site doesn't produce a lot of original content, but with aggregator sites such as this one, the real test is, 'Have I already seen this link elsewhere''. When it comes to 3QD, the answer is invariably 'no', because the editors find stuff that other don't. There's so much fascinating reading here — from politics to science to culture, high and low — that it's a wrench to pull yourself away in order to get some work done.
  • LiveFist: An even odder name than '3 Quarks Daily', but if you're interested in Indian defence and strategic issues, this site is compulsory reading. Nothing gets past this blogger; he even breaks stories occasionally.