Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:21 | SYDNEY
Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 00:21 | SYDNEY

My blogs of the year


Sam Roggeveen


23 December 2008 09:53

Yes, I did actually read a few books this year, just none worth mentioning. So instead of an end-of-year books post, I thought I'd select some blogs of the year.

Many of my long-time favourites are still around — Arms Control Wonk, Sullivan, Ares, Passport, Drezner — but here are my best new discoveries of 2008:

  • My pick of the Australian blogs is East Asia Forum. The Interpreter has had its share of agreeable disagreements with EAF in 2008; long may it continue in 2009.
  • My two favourite new international policy blogs were World Politics Review and Global Dashboard. Both first-class.
  • I regularly indulged my weakness for aviation and other transport-related topics at Autopia.
  • I could not have found a better guide to the intricacies of Japanese politics than Observing Japan.
  • Information Dissemination is your place to go for discussion of naval strategy.
  • For distraction, I love SlashFilm, the ultimate movie geek blog.