Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 06:21 | SYDNEY
Sunday 03 Jul 2022 | 06:21 | SYDNEY

Movie trailer: The Impossible


Sam Roggeveen


21 August 2012 10:53

The Impossible is a new feature film about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and I think I can predict one line of criticism already: this was an Asian tragedy which killed an estimated 230,000 people, only a tiny portion of them Western tourists. Yet the movie recounts events from their perspective. The counter-argument, of course, is that Hollywood would not be interested in such a project at all without some bankable lead actors.

As for the trailer itself, the depiction of the wave hitting the resort is quite chilling, though it seems to involve some dramatic license — from the real footage I saw, I don't recall palm trees toppling over from the force of the water. From there it gets rather clichéd and mawkish, like a feature-film version of those inevitable survival stories the media trots out after every natural disaster, which are meant to be heart-warming but really just gloss over the tragedy.