Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 22:13 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 22:13 | SYDNEY

More awful 9/11 writing


Andrew Carr


12 September 2011 10:51

Last week I put a call out for readers to highlight the worst writing about 9/11. Jordan offers this syrupy muck:

OK, little guy. There's no point sugar coating this so I’ll say it straight. You're born on kind of an awkward day in history, a day which has come to symbolise a whole bunch of bad stuff. I wish it were otherwise, but that's how it is....

Remember that time your sister wouldn’t share her honey-coated popcorn with you, and it just drove you nuts? Well, let's just say that those plane-crashing guys come from a country where they don't have honey-coated popcorn. But they could see all the honey-coated popcorn over in America, and they decided it wasn't fair that America had so much and they had none. So they got mad.

That said, I'd much rather this shallow, sugary writing than the bitter and half-witted 9/11 'truther' nonsense The Punch is also serving up today. If you see any more terrible writing about the anniversary, drop us a line.