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Monitoring Malaysia


Malcolm Cook

18 August 2008 15:47

Next Tuesday, Anwar Ibrahim’s political exile will likely be over as he is expected to sweep to victory in the by-election in his home district of Permatang Pauh, Penang, despite a second round of sodomy charges against him. Anwar, as leader of the opposition, has adopted a multicultural message echoing the long-standing call for a 'Malaysia for all Malaysians'. This plays well in many segments of the Malaysian population, especially among non-Malays, and differentiates him and the opposition coalition he leads from UMNO. Picking up this theme, a new think tank in Malaysia, the Centre for Public Policy Studies, has just come out with an very interesting 'datasheet' on the  country-defining question of national unity and multiculturalism that is well worth reading for those of us with an interest in Malaysian politics.