Thursday 20 Sep 2018 | 22:51 | SYDNEY
Thursday 20 Sep 2018 | 22:51 | SYDNEY

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Alex Oliver


19 July 2010 15:09

  • Walter Russell Mead agrees with Time's Joel Klein and Fidel Castro that war between the US and Iran is increasingly likely (but not ncessarily for the same reasons)
  • David Frum, influential US conservative commentator, former George W. Bush speechwriter and now blogger and sometime guest editor of Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, has called for a new 'mission' for American Republicanism in which he advocates a 'peaceful American-led world order' — this led to some agitated conservative responses and a subsequent explanation
  • A New York Times piece compares 1920s photographs of Himalayan glaciers with shots taken this decade — illustrating a point Milton Osborne made back in February about the IPCC Himalayan claims debacle and the stark realities of glacier retreat