Thursday 18 Jul 2019 | 15:39 | SYDNEY
Thursday 18 Jul 2019 | 15:39 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


2 November 2009 13:32

  • Looks like Iran has rejected the enriched uranium deal. What do we do now?
  • Renewable energy unlikely to be available 'on a sufficient scale to meet a useful fraction of our energy needs in the next two decades.'
  • A provocative claim about NGOs: 'On climate, campaigners are unbelievably craven when it comes to the big emerging economies.'
  • The MacArthur Foundation's Asia Security blog describes another bland ASEAN summit.
  • A different way to think about economics: '...perhaps the most important trend of the past thirty years is the increased importance of cognitive skills relative to physical labor.'
  • Wikipedia cites my blogpost to back a claim that 'Australia has begun to acquire the SM-3 missile for use on warships for anti-missile defense.' It aint true and I never said it.
  • The Japan Foundation is hosting Professor Arthur Stockwin for lectures in Melbourne and Sydney later this month on the implications of Japan's recent change of government.
  • The Asia Foundation has put together a short video to accompany the launch of its new Afghanistan Survey: