Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 19:33 | SYDNEY
Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 19:33 | SYDNEY

Monday linkage


Sam Roggeveen


25 May 2009 17:36

  • Nice work from Daniel Flitton at The Age, who uncovers the PM's micro-management of diplomatic appointments. It will be interesting to see if there's any substantive reaction from Rudd.
  • Pocket biographies of the Obama foreign policy advisers you've never heard of.
  • Proposed reforms to Indonesia's anti-corruption laws could make corruption worse.
  • Richard Rigby, head of the ANU's China Institute, reviews the memoirs of Zhao Ziyang, sacked as China's premier during the Tiananmen Square crisis.
  • The civil defence stickers on every fridge in Israel.