Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 | 01:43 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 | 01:43 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


18 May 2009 16:29

  • China finding Rudd 'difficult'
  • Tim Hartford, aka The Undercover Economist, explains why technology won't solve the climate change problem.
  • I argued Dutch public transport is the best in the world. Matt Yglesias says it's pretty good in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
  • The NY Times says Norway has recorded 3% growth and has a budget surplus. It could have been us, says Peter Martin. (PS. Were the NYT editors asleep?: 'With a quirky contrariness as deeply etched in the national character as the fjords carved into its rugged landscape...' Yuk.)
  • Update your bookmarks: Eric Palmer, one of the better milbloggers out there, has left his old haunt, Worldwide War Pigs, for new digs.
  • From a GQ profile of Donald Rumsfeld comes this line about his ability to delay implementation of decisions he didn't like:

Similarly, Rumsfeld delayed the implementation of a 2004 presidential order granting our Australian and British allies access to the Pentagon’s classified Internet system known as SIPRNet. “He always had what sounded like a good reason,” says one of Bush’s top advisers. “But I had a lot of back channels and found out that it was being held up.” It finally took Australian prime minister John Howard forcibly complaining to Bush about the matter in the fall of 2006 for SIPRNet to become accessible.