Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 22:50 | SYDNEY
Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 22:50 | SYDNEY

Monday health linkage

28 June 2010 14:18

  • With anxiety about swine flu easing, scientists criticise global follow-up in flu monitoring. They point out that we need to better monitor how flu strains develop and mutate in pigs. Pigs can catch both human and bird flu and thus could host a potentially lethal new flu virus.
  • A study shows that the clearing forests in the Amazon has not only an environmentally devastating impact, but also brings about a serious health concern: an almost 50 percent increase in malaria cases.
  • Ready for affordable organic food? In Laos they've found a solution to poverty and food insecurity: sustainable insect farming. Insects are cheap, provide nutritional benefits for humans and are apparently quiet enjoyable with a cold beer.
  • The spread of TB in Africa has long been assumed to be mostly driven by the high incidence of AIDS incidence. Now it appears that mining is also a major factor in the spread of the disease.
  • In support of the Born HIV Free campaign, Paul McCartney streamed his concert in London's Hyde Park on 27 June exclusively on YouTube; it will remain available until 27 July.