Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 06:53 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 06:53 | SYDNEY

Minister for receptions and ribbon-cuttings


Sam Roggeveen


23 November 2007 10:53

Rumour has it that if Labor wins the election, Robert McClelland, the party's shadow foreign minister, will not become the actual foreign minister. After reading this FT account of Labor leader Kevin Rudd's leadership style, you wonder what will be in store for whoever does get the job:

Mr Rudd is widely viewed as a highly disciplined individual verging on being a control freak, with high expectations of subordinates.

There are fears that he may spread himself too thinly if he wins government. “The temptation for Rudd will be that he will want to manage too much,” says Dr McKinley. “He is going to have one eye on foreign affairs every day.”

NB. The 'McKinley' quoted here is ANU political scientist Michael McKinley.