Saturday 20 Apr 2019 | 05:03 | SYDNEY
Saturday 20 Apr 2019 | 05:03 | SYDNEY

The media in Mumbai


Sam Roggeveen


1 December 2008 11:15

A number of media outlets interviewed people trapped inside last week's Mumbai siege to get their perspective on breaking events. ABC Radio National's flagship current affairs program, AM, was among them, with anchor Tony Eastley interviewing Australian businessman Garrick Harvison, who was hiding in the Oberoi Hotel.

My colleague Rory Medcalf was quite right to point to the possibility that the terrorists, or their sympathisers in Pakistan, were monitoring the international media to gather intelligence about the siege. In that context, we must surely ask whether it was responsible for Eastley to pursue this line of questioning with Harvison:

TONY EASTLEY: When I look at a picture of the Oberoi Hotel and we see them on our television sets here, from the outside the building looks quite calm at the moment. Are you high up in the Oberoi? What level are you on?