Monday 26 Sep 2022 | 03:45 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Sep 2022 | 03:45 | SYDNEY

Maritime linkage


Justin Jones

14 January 2011 10:35

  • Alessio Patalano from The Diplomat discusses geostrategy versus capability in relation to the PLA Navy and East Asian security debate.
  • Rear Admiral James Goldrick outlines the role of submarines in Australia's future maritime strategy. This short paper is an edited version of a speech made to the Submarine Institute of Australia.
  • On 20 December, the UN Conference on Trade and Development finally released its annual Review of Maritime Transport for 2010. More to follow once I've digested the full document. On a related matter, China has overtaken South Korea as the world's leading shipbuilding nation.
  • Here's an interesting interview with a former Somali pirate, by CNN's Zain Verjee. It confirms publicly much of what has been deduced from observation of pirates' modus operandi.
  • India has unveiled its first ever Defence Production Policy. India's aim is to reduce dependency on imported defence equipment, which accounts for 70 percent of its military requirements.
  • Japan has arrested another captain of a fishing trawler; this time, it's a South Korean vessel. The disputed area where the incident occurred lies around the South Korean-controlled Dokdo Islands (though Japan prefers 'Takeshima islands').