Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 16:39 | SYDNEY
Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 16:39 | SYDNEY

Maritime linkage

30 November 2010 11:14

Justin Jones is Navy Fellow at the Lowy Institute and is the maritime adviser to the MacArthur Foundation Lowy Institute Asia Security Project.

  • Noting my recent post regarding potential Australian involvement in North Korea, it should not be a surprise that a senior Australian officer has been observing the current US-ROK naval exercise occurring west of the peninsula.
  • The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson sails tomorrow for a seven-month deployment to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf. What are the chances that the 'Western Pacific' component includes a visit to Japan/South Korea' It's been some time since two US carriers were seen in the region. It would convey a message all its own.
  • In the ongoing saga of UK defence cuts, HMS Invincible is to be sold in an internet auction. Australia once coveted this aircraft carrier, until Argentina invaded the Falklands. The UK Royal Navy is selling off capital ships at a time when the Royal Australian Navy is busy building them. Nelson really is turning in his tomb now.
  • Having only recently handed over command of Task Force 150 to Royal Australian Navy Commodore Greg Sammut, Pakistan has just taken command of Task Force 151, also in the Middle East Area of Operations. It is the first time that Pakistan has led TF 151.
  • Here's an interesting piece in the Straits Times on the rise of China's sea power, including apparent confirmation that the phrase 'core interest' was not used by China in reference to the South China Sea. I've blogged about this previously.
  • Thailand is one of only nine nations to own and operate an aircraft carrier. Well, sort of. The Thai Navy is apparently budgeted to put its carrier to sea for one day a month. When it is put to use, it's for a good cause – humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
  • Some images of HMAS Perth, fresh out of upgrade and sporting its new Australian designed and built phased array radar.