Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 20:33 | SYDNEY
Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 20:33 | SYDNEY

Maritime linkage

17 September 2010 11:48

Justin Jones is Navy Fellow at the Lowy Institute and is the maritime adviser to the MacArthur Foundation Lowy Institute Asia Security Project.

  • While we debate the shift in power relativities in Asia, the weight of maritime industry has shifted also. More than half the world's shipping is owned or operated from Asia and some 90 percent of new ship building occurs in Asia. Yet most of the world's shipping organisations reside in the west; Europe in particular.
  • Another view of rising tensions in East Asia and the South China Sea: an article by Australian Army Brigadier John Frewen in this month's Joint Forces Quarterly focuses on the implications of two Chinese aircraft carriers being operational in the region by 2015.
  • Two other sources relating to the building of Chinese aircraft carriers. None other than Major General Mao Xinyu (grandson of Mao Zedong) is quoted.
  • And after several years of churning out frigates, Chinese destroyer production has resumed. They might serve as carrier escorts.
  • The China-Japan standoff continues regarding the arrest of a Chinese trawler off the Senkaku Islands. Japan's Ambassador in Beijing has been summoned a fifth time.
  • 60th Anniversary of the amphibious landings in Korea: Commander US forces South Korea has some terse words for North Korea in light of the Cheonan incident earlier this year.
  • PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP is an annual US Pacific Command humanitarian assistance deployment to the Western Pacific. The deployment recently completed, with the Royal Australian Navy, from HMAS TOBRUK, taking command of operations for the final week in PNG.