Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 01:01 | SYDNEY
Sunday 19 Aug 2018 | 01:01 | SYDNEY

Major Obama misstep


Michael Fullilove


14 November 2008 09:04

It turns out that not even Barack Obama is perfect. Sure, he won an historic election victory. Yes, he gave a cracker of a victory speech. OK, his transition to power is humming along with the usual deadly effectiveness.

But I am sorry to pass on the news that Obama’s Secret Service code-name is…‘Renegade’.

Sorry, but that’s all wrong. Does Obama not realize that Renegade was a dreadful '90s TV series starring Lorenzo Lamas as a Harley-riding bounty hunter with hair extensions? Renegade would have been a fine code-name for, say, Chuck Norris, had Mike Huckabee won the Republican nomination and appointed his wing-chun wingman as his running-mate. But Obama?

Secret Service code-names customarily evoke the candidate in some way: Ronald Reagan was ‘Rawhide’; Jimmy Carter was ‘Deacon’; John McCain was ‘Phoenix’; Todd Palin was ‘Driller’. So you might have expected Obama to go for, say, ‘Jazz’, or ‘Jordan’ or, in light of this pic, ‘Matrix’  – but not Renegade.

I do not accept the excuse that the names are chosen for the president by the Service and the US military. Are they telling us that the commander-in-chief can bring bombs raining down on any part of the earth but cannot select a cool moniker for himself? In any case, that claim is undermined by this Wall Street Journal report that Al Gore’s code-name changed conveniently from the prosaic ‘Sawhorse’ to the far looser ‘Sundance’.

Mr President-Elect: it is within your power to make this right. Renegade: this simply can not stand.