Monday 30 Nov 2020 | 22:33 | SYDNEY
Monday 30 Nov 2020 | 22:33 | SYDNEY

Linking regionalism and globalism


Stephen Grenville

10 December 2007 07:54

A post-script to Malcolm Cook’s Incoming Government Brief on East Asian regionalism: for Australia, there are some important issues in the way the international economic architecture is evolving. In the region, it is clearly in our interests that more of the action goes to the East Asia Summit (EAS) rather than ASEAN-3, because we have a seat at the table. At the global level, we want the action to be in G20 rather than G7 (or its derivatives), for the same reason: we are there. In building a substantive role for the EAS, we should make more of the linkage between these two groups: if East Asia wants to be heard at the global level, it needs to consolidate its views in a caucusing forum which can then speak for the region. If East Asia wants to make its voice heard at G20, it will have a better chance if six of its members (the EAS tally) are speaking with one coordinated voice, rather than the four voices which is all ASEAN-3 can muster.