Wednesday 21 Aug 2019 | 11:52 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 21 Aug 2019 | 11:52 | SYDNEY

Life of a Japanese salaryman


Sam Roggeveen


12 July 2012 17:39

In my search for images to accompany blog posts, I often find photos that are amazing but just not quite right for that particular post.

For John Larkin's recent piece about Asia's male-dominated corporate sector, I was looking for a crowd shot of Asian white collar workers, preferably all male or at least with few women in the shot. The search word I picked was 'salaryman', a term that has become synonymous with the Japanese white-collar worker.

As usual, I found some lovely images, and I wanted to share a few. Many have a sombre flavour, and together they perhaps give a jaundiced view of Japanese life. But they are evocative.

Photo by Flickr user jamesjustin. 

Photo by Flickr user valhse.  


Photos by Flickr users JanneM and SnippyHolloW.

Photo by Flickr user MyMapOfJapan.

Photo by Flickr user St Stev.

Photo by Flickr user showbizsuperstar.

Photo by Flickr user Clint Koehler.