Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 01:47 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 | 01:47 | SYDNEY

Joel Fitzgibbon impersonates your grandfather


Sam Roggeveen


30 January 2008 12:27

Sorry if it's starting to look like 'Bash Joel Fitzgibbon Week' here at The Interpreter, but he just makes it so easy:

'We must become more creative on the recruitment front,' he says. 'Talking to generation Y in their language through the mediums they rely upon for their information will be crucial to making gains.' Another idea is to offer gen Y short-term exposure to the ADF without having to sign up. 'These days even a month-long commitment is an eternity to an Australian teenager,' the minister says.

Ah, yes, kids these days. Really, could Fitzgibbon be any more insulting? Maybe he had Corey Delaney in mind when he made this statement, but the teenagers I know — and the ones Fitzgibbon presumably wants to recruit — are smart, hard-working and unafraid to make long-term commitments (to a four-year university degree, for example) where it furthers their ambitions.

And this stuff about 'talking to generation Y in their language' sounds ominous. I just hope it doesn't mean we're about to be hit with an ad campaign that tries to make the ADF look hip. It's just more condescension to suggest that this is the kind of superficial inducement young people respond to.