Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 18:52 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 18:52 | SYDNEY

The Jews of Yemen


Rodger Shanahan


14 January 2009 08:57

The Jewish population of Yemen is one of the longest-standing in the Arab world, having plied its trade of silversmithing for hundreds of years. Although nearly all of Yemen's 50,000-strong Jewish population was airlifted to Israel between 1949-50 as part of Operation 'Magic Carpet', small populations remain in northern Yemen.
Following attacks against the community in late 2008, the Yemeni Government sought to relocate the Jewish population to Sana'a, ostensibly to improve security. The recent Israeli offensive in Gaza has added further  pressure to the Jewish community in Yemen, but still elements of the community remain steadfast in their refusal to move to the capital and to remain in their traditional home.