Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 10:14 | SYDNEY
Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 10:14 | SYDNEY

Japan: Prepared and resilient


Sam Roggeveen


15 March 2011 13:24

We're not hearing enough about this from the mainstream media (h/t Browser):

Japan is exceptionally well-prepared to deal with natural disasters: it has spent more on the problem than any other nation, largely as a result of frequently experiencing them...

...The overwhelming response of Japanese engineering to the challenge posed by an earthquake larger than any in the last century was to function exactly as designed. Millions of people are alive right now because the system worked...That this happened was, I say with no hint of exaggeration, one of the triumphs of human civilization. Every engineer in this country should be walking a little taller this week. We can’t say that too loudly, because it would be inappropriate with folks still missing and many families in mourning, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

UPDATE: The NY Times has written on this issue.

UPDATE 2: The SMH, along similar lines. (Thanks Martine.)

UPDATE 3: More of the same at The Atlantic.

Photo by Flickr user Beacon Radio.