Saturday 02 Jul 2022 | 21:35 | SYDNEY
Saturday 02 Jul 2022 | 21:35 | SYDNEY

Iran\ nuclear program: CTRL+ALT+DEL


Fiona Cunningham

30 September 2010 10:57

The latest round of Iran sanctions yet again appear not to have had the desired effect on Iran's nuclear conduct, with the latest IAEA Country Report criticising Iran for its persistent lack of cooperation with safeguards inspections. Iran lashed out at the IAEA after the report, made headlines with President Ahmadinejad's UN General Assembly address and held out the prospect of new talks with the EU – nothing particularly new there.

But Iran might have bigger fish to fry than Western diplomats in New York, with computers at the Bushehr power reactor infected with the Stuxnet virus. Officials are saying that there is nothing to worry about, but the suspicious are pointing the finger at Western cyber-warfare.

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