Friday 24 Sep 2021 | 22:45 | SYDNEY
Friday 24 Sep 2021 | 22:45 | SYDNEY

Interview: Shyam Saran


Sam Roggeveen


20 September 2011 12:49

Earlier I linked to economist Tyler Cowen's list of reasons why a carbon tax might not be a good idea. Here's reason 1:

Other countries won’t follow suit and then we are doing something with almost zero effectiveness.

The Australia-India Roundtable, convened by Lowy's own Rory Medcalf, is in progress as I write, and one of the most prominent participants at the event is Ambassador Shyam Saran, formerly India's top diplomat and also a Prime Ministerial Envoy on climate change. I asked him firstly about Australia's relations with India, but listen out for his response on the question of climate change, during which he says 'I'm not quite sure that a global trading scheme in carbon is going to be the answer to dealing with the issue of emissions.'