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Indonesia coming elections


Malcolm Cook

24 March 2009 13:23

In just over two weeks, Indonesians will head to the voting booths (including a few in hospitals and prisons) for parliamentary elections, to be followed by presidential elections in July and a potential presidential run-off election in September.

Recent polling data by LSI (in Bahasa) suggests things are looking good for the incumbent, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and his Partai Demokrat. This is a very different story to the LSI poll data from June last year. Then, SBY and Megawati Sukarnoputri were in a statistical dead heat and Mega’s PDI-P party was the most popular, with 24%. SBY’s Partai Demokrat languished at 8% support, roughly the same as they received in the 2004 election.

The most recent data shows SBY beating Mega on a two-person preferred basis 64%-23%, while PDI-P’s support has fallen to 17% and Partai Demokrat’s has risen to 24%, the highest level of support for any party. The global financial crisis seems to be helping SBY and his fledgling party, particularly as voters see the President and his party as strong on fighting corruption and on programs to help the poor.

These figures predict a return for SBY, with a stronger mandate and a stronger position in parliament. That's a good sign for Indonesia’s democratic consolidation and good news for Australia-Indonesia relations.

Photo by Flickr user blueaubrey, used under a Creative Commons license.