Thursday 11 Aug 2022 | 05:26 | SYDNEY
Thursday 11 Aug 2022 | 05:26 | SYDNEY

Indian student linkage


Rory Medcalf


17 February 2010 08:34

Amid all the heat and worry over how the student safety crisis is affecting Australia-India relations, here are some angles that deserve more attention:

  • The Indian Express, consistently one of India's sharpest newspapers, brings a few breaths of fresh air to the overheated Indian media debate, pointing out that an over-reaction is not in India's interests.
  • Maybe India's External Affairs Minister still has a balanced view of the situation after all.
  • The Indian High Commissioner to Australia explains her view.
  • And the Australian High Commissioner to India explains his.
  • Australia — or at least Victoria — certainly has to do a better job of getting accurate information on crime into the public domain.
  • One Indian magazine, Outlook, put a downright prejudiced spin on its recent investigation into the student issue. The story itself had a few notes of balance buried within the text, but the front page headline misleadingly screamed 'WHY THE AUSSIES HATE US'. Instead of linking to that piece, which has already had more attention that it deserves, I'd like to bring some prominence to this article, written by an Indian-origin journalist who is actually based in Australia.
  • And some even-handed opinion in the Australian press too.
  • Finally, since we can all be forgiven for not believing what we read in newspapers, here are the views of some Indian students in Australia, and of some young Australians visiting India.