Monday 26 Oct 2020 | 21:49 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Oct 2020 | 21:49 | SYDNEY

India, US, Australia: Stronger together


Sam Roggeveen


7 November 2011 12:23

The term 'Indo-Pacific' has crept into the international relations vocabulary of late. Lowy Institute scholars have started adopting this term, and it appeared in Hillary Clinton's recent Foreign Policy essay on 'America's Pacific Century'.

It's also a conceptual building-block for a unique new report jointly produced by think tanks in Australia, India and the US, and released last Friday. Shared Goals, Converging Interests: A Plan for US-Australia-India Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific was produced by authors from the Lowy Institute, the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, and India's Observer Research Foundation.

To give you a taste of what's in the paper (only 17 pages long), here's an interview with one of its authors, Walter Lohman from the Heritage Foundation:

 Photo by Flickr user aperture7.1.