Tuesday 27 Sep 2022 | 18:50 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 27 Sep 2022 | 18:50 | SYDNEY

Imran: O Captain! My Captain!


Sam Roggeveen


19 December 2011 14:17

Nick Bryant's post about Imran Khan sent me off on a ten-minute YouTube detour in search of the great Pakistani all-rounder's cricket highlights, which led me to the above documentary about his cricket career.

One should be wary of lazy parallels between Pakistan as a country and the Pakistani cricket team, but that team does have a reputation for internal disorder. Given Nick's description of the chaos of Pakistan and the suggestion that Imran may one day lead the country, this quote from Richie Benaud (4:40 in the video) stuck out:

Imran Khan was, for me, the greatest ever Pakistan captain, and he was the one who could ask or issue instructions and know that they were going to be obeyed. He's the only one I've known, over the years, who could do that.

Sounds promising, though I would add the caveat that expertise in one realm is rarely transferable to another; Imran may have brought leadership and order to his team, but it is quite another thing to believe he can do it in politics. Caveat number two is that Imran has, in the past, associated himself with some shall-we-say less progressive elements of Pakistani politics.